The advisory committee is formed by the peoples with knowledgeable ideas, acting the responsible positions of the community, development sector, Go, NGO authority, philanthropies. The committee advice the effective and innovative ideas for development of the organizational activities.




1.       Mr. Sujit Roy Nandi

Relief and social welfare secretary, Bangladesh Awami league

2.      Mr. Molla Mohammad Abu Kawser

President, Bangladesh Awami Volunteers League

3.      Mr. Gautam Kumar Sarkar

Joint secretary, Ministry of Health and Family welfare

4.      Sheikh Asgar Ali Naskar

General Secretary, Bangladesh Awami Matshojeeby League

5.      Kalayani Talukder

Ex.Chief Finance Controller, Bangladesh Army

6.      Professor Dr. Asim Sarker

Ex. Provost, Jagannath Hall, DU

7.      Agriculturist Sujit Chatterjee

General Secretary , Bangabandhu Fisheries Parishad