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SWF’s experiences and strength in Skills development Training:

SWF has long experiences in the area of skills training and offering skill development training courses to the unemployed and underemployed youth in both rural and urban settings since 2011.  SWF has so far implemented a number of projects providing skills training and post-training support services for employment mostly in the domestic and overseas market.

Over years, SWF established a number of training centers and facilities in rural and urban context with appropriate equipment and training packages. A set of professional trainers and instructors are deployed to those centers to conduct courses and hands-on skills training. The current skills development courses are catering the needs of both formal and informal sectors of employment. In the formal sector, SWF has developed specialized courses for the export-oriented garments knit & woven and Sweater industries. In line with the organizational perspective plan (2006-15), aiming at improved living conditions of the targeted population, as a process of expanding the span of skills development programs has been considered as a viable approach.

The present interventions include running a) Institute of technical and vocational education and training, the diploma on various technical disciplines, b) vocational training institutes for urban working children and adolescents offering basic trade courses, c) community-based skill training centers offering short courses and para-trade courses for the poor women and unemployed youths. Besides, a number of skill-based educational and training materials, both print and audio-visual, have been developed which are being used in various GO, NGO projects for imparting income-generation training. Along with providing training, SWF provides employment support services including providing micro-credit support or linking-up with other credit institutions.

SWF is now implementing and providing vocational skill training in collaboration with other projects, NGOs and donors providing skill development training to HTR graduated children under UNICEF (2011), garment workers and supervisors under GIZ support (from Oct 07-Jan 2011), urban working children (from 2012), urban street children and working children (from 2012), P-CAR project beneficiaries (from 2011), drug-addicted patients under FHI supported project (from 2012), trafficking victims under WINROCK supported projects’ beneficiaries (from 2012)

Moreover, SWF successfully accomplished the following skill development training projects like Literacy and skill training for Rickshaw Pullers for alternative employment under UNESCO (2011), Skill training for urban street children under ARISE project (2011-2013), Skill development training program for Worst Form of Child Labour (WFCL) under ILO-IPEC (2011-2012), and Skill development for Promotion of Bangladeshi Exports in EU countries under EC support (2006-2007). In addition, vocational skills training SWF imparted life skill training in the curricula to develop skills on non-technical skills- health, labors laws & rights, safety, communications and negotiation skills, entrepreneurship skills etc. SWF has been incorporated Life Skill topics in the vocational training curricula. SWF has also developed the Life Skill training manual for the facilitators in 2011 under UNICEF support.

SWF’s experiences and strength in RMG Skills development Training:

From 2011 SWF has taken initiatives to develop skilled workers of Ready Made Garment sector in Dhaka and Gazipur districts. Under the financial and technical support of GIZ and continued up to January 2013 after that SWF has been implementing this project named “Skills Development training for Garment Workers” with part of the financial support of Güldenpfennig GmbH from February 2013.

The skills development training program has been well appreciated by the employers of the RMG sector as well as the community people for giving a viable training support to the poor and disadvantaged adolescents and youths who never could have such opportunity. SWF has the yearly capacity to provide RMG skilled operators & Mid-level Managers/ floor supervisor training for 2500 targeted people (about 70% Female) where 98% were placed in the job directly as RMG sector workforces. As a continuation SWF undertaken this project for training to the disadvantaged people on RMG operator courses and to place the job in RMG factories as skilled RMG machine operators and some of them are as Floor supervisors/Mid-level managers at different Garment and Sweater Industries with partial support from American Buyer Knights Apparel.

The project is aimed at empowering especially the young and underprivileged women by providing technical and social skills to improve their employment opportunity, income and upgrade social status as well as to benefit employers through the improved performance by creating a number of skilled operators for Ready Made Garment sector.

The project targeted and given priorities to the unemployed and underemployed adolescents and youths between the age group 18 to 25 years who are from ultra poor, disadvantaged, disabled and women headed families, many of who are unskilled or retrenched garment workers living in urban slums came from remote coastal and rural areas.

SWF Vocational Training Institutes are well furnished, decorated and equipped with necessary types of machinery and tools. SWF trying to ensure one machine to each participant to develop skills as competitive and quality garment operators by procuring new modern RMG Machines.

The RMG training offers 3 (three) training courses designed for 3 types of garment manufacturing industries (garment trades).