Our ICT Programmes

SWF has undertaken some activities to provide ICt activities widely. Technology advancements are revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. To thrive in the digital era people need to understand how to use various technologies effectively to acquire, analyze, communicate, and create information. The collection of TechnoKids technology projects form a computer curriculum that is designed to develop the skills students need today and provide a solid foundation that will guide them to future success.   ICT Education and Project-Based Learning Information communication technologies (ICT) can enhance education. The integration of technological tools and resources into curriculum has been linked to improvements in student engagement, comprehension of content knowledge, and application of skills. TechnoKids blends ICT into curriculum using project-based learning (PBL). This approach makes learning meaningful. Bangladesh scored the lowest in corporate activity metric indicating that the amount of capital invested in start-ups and the number of deals by VCs in 2018 was very low in comparison to the top 50 countries. Lack of focus on the development of these metrics can threaten the future of ICT industry in the country as the impact of automation in technology remains on increase.